MP2021: After love and gastronomy?


After having put the cover back in 2020 around bouillabaisse and thirteen desserts for the metropolis, our territory is reinventing itself once again around its traditions and its unique Provençal culture. In 2019, it is not less than … many events around the famous Rue de la Rep ‘(if not public) which celebrated the taste buds of our fellow citizens, in its highlights let’s not forget not the fireworks of June 28, the fireworks of July 14 and the fireworks of December 13. If the metropolis has known, for two consecutive years, to put water in the Bouche-du-Rhône, what will happen to this post-containment butter pasta year? 2020, the year of gastronomy for some, of the explosion of precariousness for others, has shown us how “a nourishing sea, the Mediterranean is full of culinary treasures”. From scorpion fish to sea urchins, cans and sewer outlets, Marseille continues to surprise us on our plates. 2021, year of renewal. What aspect of popular culture are we going to celebrate this year in order to ignore some other asperities of our beloved territory? In 2018, remember it was under the sign of Love that we marched against poor housing. In 2021, several themes are available to us in order to unite around concepts that transport us: Surveillance, Pollution, Bad Housing? Or rather Marseille Provence Nature, in order to forget the “protection” aspect of the creeks and focus on the grass of Parc Borély. We also thought of Marseille Provence Police in order to underline the presence of these new inhabitants who decorate our cities with softness and pleasure. It is therefore with unparalleled joy that we suggest that you do not vote for your Concept Capital, because we like to decide for you.

Nothing really yours,

The Office